Google is Great

Asked whether Shari’a should be the only source of legislation, one of the sources of legislation, or not be a source of legislation.


Asked whether Shari’a should be the only source of legislation, one of the sources of legislation, or not be a source of legislation , in Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt, approximately two-thirds of Muslim respondents stated that the Shari’a must be the only source of legislation; while the remaining third believed that it must be “one of the sources of legislation.” By comparison, in Lebanon and Syria, a majority (nearly two thirds in Lebanon and just over half in Syria) favored the view that Shari’a must be one of the sources of legislation.( From WikiIslam, the online resource on Islam )


The court-room was crowded. Representatives of foreign press and the Human Rights Association were denied access.The accused had a bruised left eye. A cut just above his right eyelash had been sutured rather clumsily; both his arms were plastered and his hands handcuffed. His feet were chained.They pushed him into an iron cage.

Trial started.

The judge addressed the accused:

– You said that for all your difficulties, your questions, you consult Google but not the Holy Book ! Are you a Google worshipper?

Zamzami the accused reiterated:

– No Sir !

– I am reading what you have written under the title “Google is Great !” in your Blog : I find the answers of all the questions that trouble me in Google: Ask any question and you shall find more than what the most learned mullah knows . No one tells you that the answer provided, represents the only truth and that you will be damned if you don’t accept it as such. It offers you opinions for and against, both positive and negative evaluations about the matter and allow you to judge and find whatever the truth is. They don’t expect you to leave your gumption,your commonsense at the cloakroom and believe in what they say without questioning it. Long live Google,you are the greatest!

Zamzami the accused :

– I am not the only one who says that..Millions of people, from the horn of Africa to the Northern Siberia, especially the youngsters repeat this fact every other day. If you don’t believe me, please bring a lap-top and I’ll prove it.

The Judge:

– What a sacrilege ! You have deliberately started cursing in our court ! Do you think that this is a place where you can sermon about the satanic principles of your devious religion before the final verdict ? What do you think about this matter my reverend prosecutor?

The Prosecutor of the Revolutionary Court:

– The accused is an apostate, trying to propagate his mundane religion in our country.. I ask him :”Have you deserted your beliefs and been converted to Googoolism ? You know what awaits you if you do not here, at this very moment openly declare that you have not relinquished your religion and promise not to mention that unspeakable name “G….e” ..and that you will never change your mind and click it anymore!

The Accused:

– I do not worship Google, It is not a religion..I just adore it…

The Judge:

– Google is nothing but a deviant and blasphemous religion slowly spreading, metastasizing, infiltrating everywhere. Children are allured with computer games, the youth with pornographic channels and thus attracted to this pusillanimous belief and they eventually start consulting Abu Google instead of the mullahs ! If we tolerate people like Mr Zamzami we shall soon witness cancellation of all the Formula-1 races as well as other international events and eventually a Google Revolution will disrupt our holy country and then you will see what the Google-guardians will do to the real believers like ourselves.

The Judge declared that the hearings sufficed and that the decision will be declared after the lunch.