The Turkish Left and the Syrian Conflict

While the ruling party’s threats of military force risk Turkey’s security and long-term stability, opposition to any involvement at all by some factions of the country’s left wing deserves criticism.

What’s Happening in Syria?

Although Turkey’s pretext for intervention in Syria has changed to “Syrian mortars killing Turkish citizens” from “the absence of democracy,” the end result of the fragmentation does not seem profitable for Turkey.

“The Madmen Lead the Blind”

By looking at the famous quotation of King Lear, we can see how perfectly the words find their equivalent in today’s political environment in Turkey.

The CHP’s Ideological Crisis: Both Diffident and Different

After three consecutive electoral defeats against the ruling Justice and Development Party, Turkey’s first political party, the Republican People’s Party, is experiencing a difficult period, fluctuating between Kemalist and social democratic principles.

Can Turkey Avoid the Middle Income Trap?

The tasks and responsibilities that Turkey would have to undertake in a Peace Support Operation by NATO would inflict significant costs and burdens on the country.