As the maps are being drawn…

As the maps are being drawn…

September 2014

A kind of never-ending conflict in the Middle East has reached its peak with the emergence of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) terrorist organization.  ISIS, initiative is Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, took place in the scene recently as the most brutal one between the radical Islamist groups of all time up to the present. Just now, the question on everyone’s mind is the same; what will happen in the Middle East after that?


Before predicting as to what could  happen hereinafter in the Middle East, we should review the dynamics that caused the current situation. The wars of religion which seemed like the cause of the blood flowing recently, is not the only problem of the Middle East. Actually, sectarian violence is just a tool in the aim of achieving the latent goals.


We can group objectives based on the region into four heading;


1.The predominance desire to control the energy sources,


2.Ensure compliance with the market economy by “domesticating” the countries in the region with moderate Islam and now with the modern Islam concept,


3.To open a place on the map for Kurdistan,


4.To create a safe area for Israel.


In the point of fact, Shia, Sunni and Kurdish dissidence in the Middle East is a structure that is prescribed by the West and was desired long time ago. Either divide-rule-conquer method or the Greater Middle East Project, the violence of sectarians and the goal of domination to the region by capitalism, constitutes the essence of the matter. Having a desire to make the radical structure at region compatible with contemporary, universal values with interpretation of “moderate and modern Islamic” is of course a positive approach.


The end of Saddam period in Iraq, also showed that there is a lack of a Sunni leader in the Middle East. The dominance of Shia Leaders led Sunni Arabs to feel of outcasted.


Who would be the Sunni leader of the Middle East?


As I emphasized at the beginning of the article, the separation of 3 structure as Shia, Sunni and Kurdish would  actually be  a desirable conclusion. There was a Sunni leader in mind: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who was then the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey.


In fact, this debate has opened doors when American researcher Samuel Huntington published a book in 1996 called “The Clash of Civilizations and Remaking of World Order”.  In this book, 21st Century was shaped through civilizations and that was expected to come to forefront the identity politics. Huntington argues that   Islam not just a religion and will taken a lifestyle and problem solving task.



Huntington clearly states thatTurkey is regarded as “indecisive countries” and needto get rid of secularism ,, could not fit  neither eastern nor western because of Turkey’s republican revolution (!) and adds that “Turkey cannot be the leader of the Islamic world if it continues itself as a secular country. However, at some point Turkey might think to continue its historic role which is much more impressive and elite as the spokesman of the Islamic by leaving disappointing and humiliating role as to beg the membership from West. In order to be able to do that, Turkey should reject Ataturk’s legacy in a more comprehensive manner even more than Russia is rejected Lenin’s. ”


It is not impossible to see how much overlap the recommendations with the AKP’s roadmap. Of course Huntington is not the only one who thinks as such… Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said that political ideology is finished and conflicts would have  cultural and religious origin in the 21st century .


Abdullah Ocalan understands that being decisive of Islam in this geography requested by the global force. He came under the umbrella of Islam by saying “The Turkish people should know that 100 years of common life with the Kurds under the flag of Islam is based on fraternity “in his letter sent at Newroz holiday on the date of 21 March 2013. In fact, Ocalan has seen the global game and decided to be a part of the game. Hereafter, Islam is caused ‘’ alleged’’ alliances and conflicts in the Middle East.


Herein, we can close the parenthesis which we open on the predictions of the West.  As a result Tayyip Erdogan’s Sunni leadership turned into a full flash in the pan. Although “one minute” in Davos blows short-term wind,  wrong policies which is followed,  quickly turned Turkey’s strategic depth in the Middle East into a strategic loneliness. Sunni Arabs wanted to establish dominance in the Middle East in a state of leaderless. And of course, this was only apparent cause…


So where is ISIS of this table?


ISIS has tackled to the leadership of Sunni Arabs in the Middle East. In the final analysis, they are moving forward quickly and brutally in the region.  It seems that Iraq will be divided into 3 parts.  Is ISIS doing all these attacks alone?  Of course not. Including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the Qatari and of course the “big brother” United States also remained silent on this situation and even offered logistical support is a fact.



ISIS and Israel-US Relations


All the world is silent  to disproportionate force applied against to Palestinian by Israel that taken Golan Heights when  the six-days war occurred in 1967 with tank which they called “Tammuz”, (Hebrew “master” means).  Israel’s impunity in the region is an undeniable fact by U.S. support.  Although, nevertheless it seems Turkey experienced problems with indirect ally because of   “one minute” and “Mavi Marmara “, mutual economic relations in recent years has exceeded four billion dollar volume. Netanyahu who is Israel Prime Minister, gives support to an independent Kurdistan and also its ally, the AKP government is included in this support through Hüseyin Çelik that proves redrawing the map of the Middle East…


When we comes to U.S. global power and … The United State is quite uncomfortable from self-directed anger existed in Middle East. NATO attack which began in 2001 in Afghanistan, in 2003 invasion of Iraq by USA, Greater Middle East project, the Arab Spring, moderate Islam desire and events of September 11 caused to a great hatred of Arabs for USA. U.S. is determined to change this negative image…


Apparently, U.S. is in preparation for entering the region as a savior…


As a result, ISIS is “the head of coach” which is used to break door of the castle.  When the castle gate is broken, found numerous and de-potentiated states  through sectarian and micro-nationalism, in other words when redrawing the map, capitalism will easily enter the region and it will make the region as “compatible” for it. ISIS will increase actions to get a share of the new map which will be drawn and to aspire “Sunni leader” emptiness.


President Obama’s photos which is recently published from The White House, shows that; “Big Brother” is sleeping now lying on one ear. As for ISIS spread fear around while uncontrolled.  Probably when USA wakes up from sleep, it will make​​  “requirement”.


Plans on the Middle East, cannot be made for 1-2 years. All are long-term plans. The U.S. and Israel know very well what to do. The problem is that the AKP government which its allies do not know what to do tomorrow.


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